Forthcoming Events

National Seminar on "Promotion of Higher Education for persons with Special Needs" - Dept of Special Education & Dept of Education- 12th Dec, 2017

DST CURIE sponsored National conference on "Home Science towards Young India, New India"- 16h &17th; Feb, 2018

National Conference on Influence of Other Genres on Carnatic Classical Music 14.12.17

National Conference on Music & Science

National Conference on Influence of Sri Subramania Bharathiyar's Compositions During Pr-independence - 14.12.17

National Conference on Mutual Influence of Music and Technology - 14.12.17

National Conference on Musical Acoustics & Aesthetic Beauty with Reference to Sound Engineering - 14.12.17

National Conference on Life and Contributions of Papanasam Siva" - 14.12.17

DST-CURIE Sponsored National Conference on Medicinal Plants Research and Translational Trends MPRTT2017 - 18th & 19th Dec, 2017 (Email for Abstract submission:,

One-day National Seminar on Current Approaches in Proteomics -Dept of Biochemistry, Biotechnology & Bioinformatics- 20th Dec, 2017

UGC sponsored National Conference on "Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development"- Dept of Economics -10th & 11th Jan, 2018

UGC Sponsored National Conference on "Spectrum of Human Development : Reaching Horizons" - Dept of Human Development- 24th & 25th Jan, 2018

UGC & DST CURIE Sponsored International Conference on SMAC - Reshaping the Future (In Commemoration of Diamond Jubilee Year) - Dept of Computer Science- 9th Feb, 2018

UGC Sponsored 3-day Workshop on e-Content Development-Avinashilingam School of Management - 18-20th Jan 2018

National Seminar on Recent Innovations in Science & Technology-23rd Feb 2018

Mahakavi Bharathiyar Vizha - 11.12.2017

UGC Sponsored International Conference on Bridging Innovations in Sports, Education and Nutrition - Dept. of Physical Education, Education, Special Education and FSMD - 8th &9th; Feb 2018

Good Governance day 2017 -11.12.2017

National Seminar on Thoughts of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and its Relevance to Contemporary Society - Exact date of the seminar will be announced later