Computer Centre


The Computer centre was established in the year 1991, with financial grant from UGC, to augment the computing facility to the MCA and M.Sc. Computer Science students and to provide additional support to the computer related activities of the University. The Computer centre extends support facilities to all the departments of the University and ensures optimal utilization of Computer facility and the free time is made available to the students and staff of the University. The University computer centre remains open to the staff and the students throughout the week.


Computing Centre is functioning as a technology provider to students, researchers and teaching community to fulfill their computational, technological, Internet requirements and facilitate a common computational resource centre for the academic programmes as well as for maintenance of the other computing resources in the university

Campus Network

The Core Switch is located at the Computer Centre. The Central servers namely Web Server, Mail Server, Proxy Server are co-located with the Core Switch. The Campus Wide Network of the University offers facilities like Internet access, Resource sharing , E-journal access through 50 Mbps bandwidth and 1Gbps bandwidth ( BSNL ,NKN under NMEICT). To view Network Diagram

National Cyber Defence Research Centre

National Cyber Defence Research Centre was inaugurated on 5th Oct, 2018. The Centre has been established in association with the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards (NCSSS). The Centre was inaugurated by the Chancellor Padmashri. Dr.Krishnakumar and Dr.E.Khalieraaj, Addl.Director General, NCSSS
NCSSS ensures strategies by creating awareness about cyber safety and security among populations. The Higher Level Committee of National Cyber Safety & Security Standards chaired by Hon'ble Dr.Justice S.Mohan, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India had nominated Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore as the "National Resource Centre"(National Cyber Security Programme - NCSP) in Zone III during 2016
Our Institute is previleged to be the first women Institution in India to set up the Nationa Cyber Defence Research Centre (NCDRC) by signing of Memorandun Of Understanding with the NCSSS. The MoU aims to provide skill based training, Internships and real time projects in the domain of cyber security.

Campus Wide Wireless LAN (WIFi)

wifi campus

Wireless facility is provided in the campus since 2009 onwards. Students and Staff members can have seamless access to the internet anywhere in the campus. 45 CISCO Indoor access points and 10 CISCO Outdoor access points centrally supported by a layer 4 high end Core switch ( 4510 R-E) are used to cover the whole university . With this initiative all students and staff with laptops will be able to access Internet and Intranet services.
Highly secured Wireless facility has been provided with which the users can access the internet or intranet facility anytime, anywhere inside the campus. This is made possible with a central core switch, Wireless Authentication Controller, Network Access Control, indoor and outdoor access points and with Firewalls and Antivirus Software. This is meant to be used generically with any type of 802.11/b/g/n network. All the buildings including cafeteria, hostels and playground are connected on Wi-Fi which enables students to access information easily (internet, e-journal, e-content).
The main advantages of Wi-Fi are cost savings over wire line with quick, easy network access. It proves to be highly scalable and affordable, incurring minimum expenses. It provides seamless connectivity. Any application currently used on a traditional wired network can be easily deployed on a wireless network. Besides these, it is easier to administer and protects the network from uninvited users keeping information secured. Security is enhanced with powerful Firewalls and Antivirus.
Updated WIFI Access Points:

In the year 2017, the Campus WiFi is upgraded with 64 Sophos Indoor Access points. All the Indoor and outdoor access points are replaced with new Sophos Access points. The Upgraded Firewall Cyberoam is providing high levels of security with flexibility in wireless LANs. The appliances support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless standards. They combine the features of a router and Cyberoam's complete set of network security features, offering reduced TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership) to organizations by eliminating the need of AAA server, Network Access Control server, WCS Sever.

e-Governance Facility

eCampus automates the day to day administrative and academic processes and streamlines the flow of information which ensures smooth functioning of an institutional activities. This solution is beneficial to all stake holders of an institution including Management, students, faculty and parents. eCampus application is developed in LAMPP(Linux, Apache, MYSQL, Perl and PHP) and implemented in the year 2012.The e-campus, the e-governance software has various modules. Students module facilitates the students to know their attendance, marks secured, overall performance , fee details, etc. Staff module has provisions to mark attendance , to enter the marks, to update their individual profile . Several modules like Admission module , Exam module, Project module, Hostel Module also form the part of e-governance software .

Video Conferencing Facility

Academic Council Hall
Hi- Tech Seminar Hall

Video Conferencing between the main campus and satellite campus are regularly conducted. Hi-tech Seminar hall is used for video conference and experts on various domains give their speech through video conferencing on regular basis. Government meetings (MHRD & UGC) are conducted through this facility using NKN.

Computer Centre Activities

  • Maintains and co-ordinates in the development of eCampus software
  • Development, maintenance and regular updations of the university website and intranet
  • Coordinating the overall admission process.
  • Consultancy to all the departments for the purchase of Hardware and Software
  • Provides Computing facility to Research Scholars, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff and Project students.
  • Offers training programmes for Teaching and Non-Teaching staff on latest Computer technologies.
  • Maintains Computers & its accessories and Campus wide Network
  • Offers Internet facility to the University Students and Staff
  • Provides Wi-Fi Connections and maintenance for Staff & Students.
  • Maintains 1 Gbps Internet bandwidth provided by NKN under NMEICT project
  • Reports and Maintains Biometric Attendance
  • Conducts online entrance test for PG students & other state students and II CIA for final year UG Students.
  • Centralized Purchase of Computers and its accessories
  • Provides Video conferencing facility between main campus and the Satellite campus
  • Enables usage of A-VIEW software
  • Involved in collection of data for "ALL INDIA SURVEY ON HIGHER EDUCATION" by MHRD
  • Provides technical support in printing Degree Certificates

Name of the Faculty

Specialization Year of joining Mail Id


Senior System Analyst

Image Processing 1993


System Administrator

Image Processing, Multimedia 1991


Technical Assistant

Image Processing, Web Applications 2009

Mrs.R.Krishnaveni M.Sc.

Personal Assistant

Multimedia,Web Applications 2009
M.Com., M.Sc (IT), RHCSA.,CCNA, ITILv3

System Supervisor (Temp)

Linux & Network Administration 2016

Mr.A.Thangaraj B.Sc., RHCE

Service Executive (Temp)

Hardware & Networking 2010


Service Executive (Temp)

Hardware & Networking 2010

Mr.S.Ramesh Kumar
Certified Windows
Network Administrator

Service Executive (Temp)

Hardware & Networking 2014

Funded projects for infrastructure development

Title: networking computational and facilities (2009-10)


  • DST Funded project under CURIE worth 60 Lakhs.
  • All departments are connected on WiFi.
  • Easy access of information (Internet, e-journal,e-content) anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy, quick and secure access to visitors.

Title: e-Smart Campus (2006-07)

  • UGC sponsored project worth 40 Lakhs.
  • Biometric attendance system for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.
  • Smart Cards for Staff and Students.
  • Setting Up of a e-Class room.
  • Wireless zones in Administrative office.
  • Auditorium equipped with dome camera.
  • Information outlet (KIOSK) in the campus.

Title: Upgradation of Computer Centre (2006 -07)


  • UGC Sponsored project worth Rs. 23 Lakhs.
  • Upgradation of campus Network and optimisation.
  • Centralisation of Database with backup solution.
  • Authentication and security for the existing database .

Title: e-Education Programme (2005-06)


  • UGC Sponsored project worth 32 Lakhs.
  • e-Learning centre established.
  • Itanium servers, SAN storage and Wireless access points employed.
  • LMS Application developed in Java with Mysql on LINUX platform.
  • e-Content developed and uploaded for 35 subject.

Funded projects under Research and Development activities

Project Title Chief Investigator and co-investigator Total Grant(Rs) Funding Agency Duration
Enhancement of Encryption Algorithm to Mitigate Security Risks in Multi-Tenancy Cloud Computing Principal Director: Dr.C.Meena
Dr S.Malathi
2,00,000 ICSSR - Minor Research Project 1 Year 2018-19
A Novel technique for Partial Fingerprint Recognition Principal Investigator Dr.C.Meena
Dr S.Malathi
8,56,000 UGC - Major Research Project 2 Years 2009-11
A Study of hyper spectral Remote sensing image retrieval using semantics Principal Investigator Dr.C.Meena
Co-Investigator Mrs.G.Jayagouri
5,74,000 Naval Research Board 1 Year 2009-10

Seminars organised

S.No Name of the Topic Organised by Supporters Date No.of participants
1 One day seminar on Cyber Security and Cyber law Computer Centre and Computer Science, Supported by NCSSS 16.3.2017 Covenor: Dr.C.Meena, Co-convenor:Dr.B.Sarojini 780
2 One day seminar on Cyberethics:Social and moral Issues Computer Centre and Computer Science, Supported by NCSSS 17.2.2018 Covenor: Dr.C.Meena, Co-convenor:Dr.B.Sarojini 750