2016-2017 Scholarship and Fellowship

  1. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship

  2. Adi Dravidar Scholarship - Form available in our university

  3. Adi Dravidar Tribal Welfare Scholarship

  4. Backward class Scholarship - Form available in our university

  5. Government of India SC/ST price money award Scholarship

  6. UGC - JRF/ SRF Maulana Azad National Fellowship - (through ECS)

  7. CICT - Central Institute of Classical Tamil Fellowship

  8. CSIR Fellowship

  9. UGC JRF under "At any one time given basis scheme" Fellowship

  10. DST /INSPIRE Fellowship

  11. Minority Scholarship

  12. ICSSR - Indian Council of Social Science Research - Doctoral Fellowship

  13. Indira Gandhi PG Scholarship for Single Girl Child (Through ECS)

  14. Government of India Post Metric Scholarship

  15. Tamil Nadu Educational Award Scholarship

  16. Research Funding for Research Scholars

  17. Central Sector scheme of scholarship

  18. Central Institute of Classical Tamil

Scholarships for the Students with Disabilities�

Management Scholarships

The following scholarships are awarded by the management to deserving students :

  1. Thiru K. Subramaniam Chettiar Memorial

Post Graduate Scholarship by Thiru T.S. Thandapani Chettia Rs.2,500/-

  1. Thiru T.A. Ramalingam Chettiar Scholarship by Thiru T.A. Ramalingam Chettiar Trust Rs.1,500/-

  2. Swami Yathiswarananda Scholarship by Thiru T.S. Thandapani ChettiarRs.1,500/-

  3. Tmt. K.S. Palaniammal Scholarship Rs.1,500/-

  4. Thiru V.C. Vellingiri Gounder Scholarship by Thiru V.V. Kaliswamy Gounder Rs.1,500/-

  5. Thiru V.C. Palaniswamy Gounder Scholarship by Thiru V.P. Kandaswamy Gounder Rs.1,500/-

  6. Thiru V.C. Subbiah Gounder Scholarship by Thiru V.C. Shanmugam and Brother Rs.1,500/-

  7. Thiru N.M.R. Subbaraman Scholarship Rs.1,500/-

  8. Thiru M. Packianathan Scholarship by Dr. (Tmt.) Rajammal P. Devadas Rs.1,500/-

  9. Thiru T.S.Kandaswamy Chettiar Scholarship by Tmt. T.S.K.Maragathammal &Tmt.T.S.K. Sundarammal Rs.1,500/-

  10. Miss. Attie Souder Scholarship by Miss. Attie Souder, Rockwell City, U.S.A Rs.1,500/-

  11. Thiru K.S. Thirugnana Sambandam Chettiar Scholarship Rs.1,500/-

  12. Thiru K.S. Ramaswamy Gounder Scholarship Rs.1,500/

  13. Tmt. Donald K. Fairs Scholarship Rs.1,500/-

  14. Ms. Pankajam Scholarship by Ms.Sakuntala Yegnasankaran (USA) Rs.1,500/-

  15. Master Vivek Scholarship by Dr. C. Jaya& Dr. N. Krishnamurthy (3-PG)Rs.2,500/- (each)

  16. Dr. Rajammal P. Devadas 80th Birthday Scholarship (5-PG) Rs.3,000/- (each)

  17. Tmt. Nagarathinam Ammal Scholarship by Dr. (Mrs.) Gowri Ramakrishnan Rs.1,500/-

  18. Tmt. Rajeswari Ammal Scholarship by Dr.(Mrs.) Gowri Ramakrishnan Rs.1,500/-

  19. Tmt. Parvathi Ramaswami Scholarship by Dr. (Mrs.) R. Raji (2 students) Rs.1,500/- (each)


The residential and non-residential scholarships to Backward Class and Most Backward Class offered by the Government of Tamil Nadu, Government of India Scholarships to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other scholarships available are listed below :

1.Government of India Adi-Dravida Welfare Residential and Non-Residential Scholarships to students, provided heir parents' income is less than Rs.2,50,000/- per annum.

2.Backward Class Scholarships to students whose parents' income is below Rs.2,00,000/- per annum.

Note : Students will be eligible and recommended for any of these scholarships only if they put in the statutory minimum of attendance for scholarships (i.e 75%) and if they do not participate in undesirable activities.