Student Capability Enhancement

Competitive Exams

Coaching classes for Competitive Exams are being conducted in the campus since 2005 to motivate and encourage students belonging to SC/ST/OBC and Minority communities to enter Civil service/State Government Services. Faculty members who are trained conduct classes regularly after college hours. A total of 200 hours comprising 100 hours of coaching in general studies and 50 hours each for aptitude and logical reasoning are handled for every batch enrolled under this scheme


  • To motivate and equip students to take up employment in Central and State Government Services and other equivalent positions
  • To impart competency skills like logical reasoning, aptitude testing and general knowledge to appear for competitive exams
  • To update knowledge on current affairs
  • To explore employment opportunities in private sectors

Strategic Plan

  • Interactive classes on UPSC, State Public Service, Bank recruitment, SSC, Railway recruitment and TNPSC etc...
  • Group Discussion on aptitude, reasoning ability, English language, computer science and banking, Indian History, Indian Polity, General Science, Geography, and Culture of India, Indian Economy, Indian National movement.
  • Periodic Test
  • Review of performance
  • Posting of advertisement/important date and result.

Career Guidance and Placement


Career Guidance is a developmental process by which students are made aware of the interrelationship among interests, abilities, opportunities, demand, industry expectation and life roles in relation to academic and career planning.


The Career Guidance and placement cell works to counsel the students in trying to convince more and more students to participate in various career awareness activities, according to the objective of the establishment centre. Invited resource persons from Corporate for pre-placement talk, persons from industry establishments from Government and public sectors, young and successful entrepreneurs address the graduates in assisting them in various areas of career opportunities by increasing their self awareness, decision making, goal setting and establish a plan of action. Awareness to all government exams notification and encouragement to apply for the exam is made. The orientation programmes focuses to be a lifelong guidance and a professional model giving a wide range of interventions and emphasizes on the active involvement of the young graduating students who needed support. Focuses to improve student's knowledge of careers while adhere to the standards and competencies set forth by industries by means of training and assessment.


  • Students develop a realisitic career plan by understanding their needs, interests and skills
  • Students have a variety of professional opportunities through job shadowing and internships
  • Students develop competence in decision-making, career planning, working with others, and take responsibility for their own behavior
  • Collaborative efforts help to accomplish the students goal for career, higher education and tap the entrepreneurial ideas to reality counselling

Soft Skill Development


The institution has been offering Soft Skill training programme to the Undergraduate students, since 2009, with an objective to enhance their employability skills. The outsourced training programme is activity based that promotes development of various skills required for the academic and professional growth of the students.


Listening, speaking, reading & writing skills (LSRW) are focused during the training. Activities encouraging effective use of English language are conducted. For e.g.: Podcasts are played on common life situations for listening comprehension; "Just a minute - extempore" for speaking on various topics; Newspaper activities and 'Here's a Story' for reading comprehension; and apart from these various writing tasks are given. Further, the key skills for social and professional well being of students are inculcated in them through interactive sessions and outbound games. Activities related to resume writing, mock group discussions and interviews, for developing managerial skills (teamwork, leadership, time management etc.), interpersonal skills and employability skills are conducted.


Outbound activities like icebreakers games where students are taken to a place outside classrooms, like the ground, have attracted high appreciation from the students.

Remedial Coaching

Remedial classes aim at providing students with an opportunity to express their concerns and contribute to their learning beyond the classroom after the working hours. It addresses the needs of the students in overcoming hurdles in learning and help in guiding them for a progressive learning and be competent enough by enhancing their English language skills, numeracy skills and interpersonal skills. It is not limited to a specific group of students, instead any student who is in need of extra coaching classes to appear for exams and improve their skills attend the classes. The content for the remedial classes are framed based on the student needs.
The establishment for remedial classes is funded by UGC and special attention is made to students from SC/ST /OBC and Minority community students; however other backward and general students also can join these classes.

  • Complete graduation without arrears
  • Recollect and apply skills
  • Enable to work in a team
  • Take up any professional assignment/job

Language Lab


  • To practice basic language skills LSRW among student teachers
  • To improve communication skills among student teachers
  • To develop fluency among student teachers
  • To increase career skills and personality development among student teachers


  • Interactive tools to enhance the teaching learning process
  • Easy assessment
  • Monitoring and task assignment made easy
  • Voice recognition tools
  • Class room Management Software version 4.1 with Cambridge ESOL modules
  • Platform for the teacher to assign tasks based on the individuals need


  • Group Discussion
  • Pronunciation Techniques
  • Active Listening Practices
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Book Review
  • Justifying and Summarizing Skills
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Vocabulary Enrichment
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Resume writing

Bridge Courses

Designed for students who enter their first year of any under graduate


  • Create a conducive atmosphere in the higher educational scenario
  • Build confidence to use language for various purposes
  • Enable learners to be thorough with basic grammatical components
  • Enhance the students' potential towards basic sciences
  • Introduce Engineering subjects


  • Interesting and relevant texts
  • Based on the learner's level of proficiency of English
  • Play way method
  • Offers more attention to grammar and basics of English than do other advanced courses
  • Reinforcing basic sciences
  • Introducing basic programming languages
  • Emphasis on applied Maths, Physics and Chemistry


  • Develops basic conversational skills
  • Improves academic skills and thereby enhance academic performance
  • Improves student's knowledge about the fundamental concepts in the subject
  • Provides opportunity to develop pupils' generic skills, including interpersonal relationship, communication, problem-solving, self-management, self-learning, independent thinking, creativity and the use of information technology
  • Improves student's understanding of grammar
  • Develops the four language skills of the students
  • Bridges the knowledge gap and enables them to cope with the academic course at the university level
  • Fills the knowledge gap between school and higher educational institution
  • Establishes a pathway into the core subject of degree course
  • Reduces the apprehension of students regarding the subject

Yoga and Meditation


The purpose of education is not merely future citizens of our nation but to train the students physically and mentally but also bring out their full potential and help them to understand the wholeness of life.


  • To achieve Peace, Prosperity, Health, Happiness, Harmony and Wisdom
  • To be an innovative individual committed to excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer and to serve the social, cultural and spiritual needs of the world
  • To provide equal opportunities to women students and prepare them to be equal partners in physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects.


  • To understand the principles of yoga for better living
  • To apply the principles for personality development
  • Invoke scientific attitude and team spirit to chanalized the energies into creative and constructive endeavour's
  • stress control and management, and self- realization and. the impact of yoga in youth for their career development.
  • Personal Counselling


    Discover the impossible, travel through the unexplored, conquer problems and succeed.


    Centre for Ambitious and Resourceful Endeavors is an initiative of the staff and students of the Department of Psychology which extends Guidance and Counseling to Faculty and students of the institution. The centre motivates the student community to feel free to undergo Psychometric assessment that would open their Pandora box of Aptitude, Abilities and Personality Characteristics that in turn would facilitate their decision in choice of career, higher education and for a Holistic Personal Development. The centre also provides assistance to staff and students to deal with their emotional and personal concerns.


    • Conducting Psychometric Assessment: The Psychometric assessments are standardized and scientific, used to assess the behavioral competency of an individual. The assessments used in C.A.R.E are as follows:
    • Self-Esteem Questionnaire
    • Myer's Brigg Type Indicator
    • Comprehensive Interest Schedule
    • Assertiveness Inventory
    • Aggression Scale


    • Promoting Insights through introspection
    • Being aware of one's strength & Weaknesses
    • Managing emotions
    • Knowing one's positive & Negative beliefs
    • To recognize destructive belief system and destroy them.
    • Explore one's area of interest
    • Promote decision making skills
    • Change in perception
    • Enhance holistic development

    C. A. R. E services are designed to help students assess and address academic, relational, social, and emotional concerns. As a part of career guidance, every year, Personality Mapping and Aptitude Testing are done for all the outgoing students. It also helps teachers identify slow learners, under achievers and poor achievers and adapt innovative methods of instruction to facilitate the needy.