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  • The centre has been offering PhD in Women's Studies since 2009. As of date four Ph.D. students have been registered under Women’s Studies..

  • The University has introduced a course in MA which is interdisciplinary in nature, M.A. (Women's Studies and Entrepreneurship).  Five students have been admitted to the course which was initiated in the year 2016-17.

  • Co-curricular certificate courses are offered in Women's Studies for (i) B. Ed students. (ii) II U.G. students (iii) II U.G. (Engg.) students and (iv) I & II B.PEd.  Two credits are offered for this co-curricular programme. In 2011-12, 136 students and in 2012-13, 152 students participated in the co-curricular programme.  In 2014-15, 258 students and in 2015-16, 246 students participated in the co-curricular courses on Women’s Studies. For the year 1016-17, 145 students have registered.

  • Internship: Internship was offered for one law student from Christ College, Bangalore. The intern was given exposure to legal issues for rural women. The intern completed a project “felt judicial needs of rural women & a case study on judicial intervention for rural women”.

  • Board of Studies (BoS) was set up for clearing the revised syllabus for the co-curricular certificate programme.  BoS was also organized for the new MA course in 2016. Director participated in the Academic Council Meeting of the University for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016.

  • Women’s Studies Centre has set up an Advisory Committee. The Annual Advisory Committee Meeting for Women’s Studies Centre was held on 04.02.15.

  •  Director participated in all the ‘Standing Committee on Academic Affairs’ meetings of the University.

(Details of the course outlines and readings suggested for the co-curricular course and M.A. (Women’s Studies and Entrepreneurship) 





  • A series of training programmes on ‘Legal Literacy’ was organized in rural areas with legal experts as resource persons. The programmes were conducted from October 2013 to December 2014. One hundred women participated in the programme. They were sensitized on the laws of marriage and birth registration, dowry prohibition, sex selection, the MTP Act, Domestic Violence Act, RTI and Fundamental rights.

  • A Round table conference on Young Women Social Entrepreneurship Development Programme was organized by the British Council. Two Master Trainers were selected from our Institute (they were among the 12 institutes from India selected for the programme). They were provided Management training programme. Each master trainer conducted the ‘Cascading Young women social entrepreneurship development programme‘to 50 young women. Together the Master Trainers trained 200 young women through a series of 8 workshops. The District Collector expressed keen interest in the initiative and offered all support to women entrepreneurs.

  •   Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP) sponsored by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI India),  Gujarat was conducted from            5th January to 5th February, 2015 in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Cell for Women graduates /diploma holders in Science and Technology. There were 11 participants. The programme was organized as prescribed by the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology,Govt. of India, New Delhi. The programme included motivational talks, personality development, communication skills, business exercises like idea generation, coffee shop exercise, 100 rupees business management exercise and case study of a lady entrepreneur. Interactions with entrepreneurs of various trades like manufacturing, designing, services, trading, organic farming etc., provided a good exposure towards entrepreneurship. Workshop on Project Report preparation, opportunity evaluation, and business plan helped the participants to gain more knowledge on business inputs. Industrial visits to millet products industry, Women Entrepren eurship Bazar exhibition, and departments of Post Harvest Technology, Agri Development Centre and Bio Energy Park of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University gave industrial/ incubation exposures. Institutions like MSME Development Institute, District Industries Centre, NABARD, SIDBI, NSIC, COINDIA, CODISSIA, PSG-STEP and Bank officials gave their expert talks and interacted with the participants. Marketing techniques and financials of entrepreneurship by experts enhanced the awareness on the need for marketing strategy in Enterprise creation.


The National Symposium was organized on the 13th and 14th of March 2014. National symposium on “Access, and Participation of Women and girls to Nutrition & Health, Education and Training, Science and Technology” organized on the 13th and 14th of March 2014. The national symposium was in commemoration of the International Women’s Week 2014.

The symposium was enriched by sixteen nationally eminent scholars, professionals, and leaders to share their scholastic and empirical perspectives on the above mentioned women themes. The eminent personalities opened forum to debate and reflect on the pressing issues: girls’ and women’s needs; and access to nutritional improvement and educational upliftment; their difficulties to health and educational achievement; their potentials and contributions to economic growth; their challenges to participation and decision making; and their roles in women empowerment.

  • International Symposium on “Women Empowerment through Technical and Vocational Education”

In collaboration with the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR), MHRD, Government of India, WSC organized an International Symposium on “Women Empowerment through Technical and Vocational Education” on 3rd September 2015. The workshop participants included overseas teachers and administrators from Ghana, Sri Lanka and Seychelles.  The aim of this symposium was to provide an exposure to an Indian university which is doing considerable work on empowerment, technical and vocational training. This was organized jointly by The Women’s Studies Centre, Department of Special Education and the Department of Life Long Learning and Extension. Symposium topics included, ‘Role of Avinashilingam Institute in improving occupational skills through vocational training programmes’, ‘Role of Technical Training in Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Successful entrepreneurship’. All the presentations were based on personal experiences which provided insights on how technical training is vital to entrepreneurship development. Participants also witnessed a display of technological innovations made by the University. They were given opportunity to interact with persons trained in the Avinashilingam group of institutions through an industry visit.

  • Workshop on Technological Advancements in the Promotion of Ethnic and Novel Foods Using Minor Millets:

Students of the University were exposed to a workshop where they learnt about the nutritional qualities of minor millets and their uses; formulation of  instant mixes using minor millets; role of small and medium machineries used in food processing; innovations in food packaging; shelf life and food safety; rules and regulations in processing; marketing and certification in Small Enterprises. This workshop provided the necessary inputs to start up small enterprises.

  • Workshops on Sexual Harassment:

Gender sensitization workshops were conducted for 1710 Under Graduate, Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) students in 14 batches. Around 210 staff were provided orientation on sexual harassment in two batches. Following the pattern provided in Saksham, modules have been developed for conducting workshops on gender, sexual harassment, etc. All the course modules suggested in Saksham were covered. Further 3000 students benefitted by gender sensitization workshops with modules following the pattern provided in Saksham.


 As part of this Programme an “ENTREPRENEURIAL ROUNDTABLE” on 14th  Oct, 2016, to facilitate student interaction with successful business leaders of Coimbatore in order to provide students of the MA programme important insights to become entrepreneurs. The round table discussants including entrepreneurs, business organizations such as FICCI (FLO), CODISSIA, WOBEDA, and the state government departments which support entrepreneurship such as Tamil Nadu, Corporation for development of Women Ltd. (TNCDW) shared your valuable experiences and insights with the students. This roundtable will initiate a continuous process to invite entrepreneurs for discussions, participation on the Board of Studies, and establish long-term processes. As an outcome of this interaction students were able to share their entrepreneurial ideas and obtain suggestions. They also learnt the factors which can deter their entrepreneurial path, entrepreneurial skills required etc. Students were able to identify the right contacts for future mentoring and support. They could also identify the right contacts for placements and mentoring.




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