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1) Research covered a number of disciplines including

 (a) Accessibility and Utilization of Basic Services rendered to Women of SC community to meet out their Rights     and Entitlements.

(b) Health care 

(c) Nutritional aspects such as breast feeding, food supplementation, nutrition and health education 

(d) Exercise and physical fitness of adolescent girls 

(e) Entrepreneurship development 

(f) Impact of women studies co-curricular programme 

(g) Women and employment.

 2) A study was conducted on the topic: 'Can Women’s Studies Reduce Drop-out? Survey Responses from Tertiary-level Female Students'.

 'Sampada': E- Project Turning Challenge to Empowerment for Women Entrepreneurs. The project will be done in phases. Pilot project is underway which is preparing a ‘women friendly mobile app – SAMPADA’ as 'outreach and marketing tools' for the SHG women entrepreneurs and 'saving facility' for local rural women’s economic empowerment.  An impact assessment is also to be conducted in the pilot project to test whether SAMPADA Mobile App can transform technological challenge of  'common women' to their economic empowerment. The E-project is co-sponsored by public-private-partnership (University-Government-NGO).


  Research Findings



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