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Computer & Communication Facilities

           Women's Studies Centre has access to the Computing Centre of the University which is functioning as a technology provider to fulfill the computational, technological, internet requirements and facilitate a common computational resource centre for the academic programmes as well as for maintenance of the other computing resources in the university. It has:

Microsoft Windows:

                 Windows  XP/ Vista/7/8

                 Windows 2003 / 2008 Server

Package & Development software:

1. Packages:


                 ( Java Jakarta Tomcat , MySql )


 2. Softwares:

                  Tally 9 Multi-users   - 25

                   Anti-Virus symantec endpoint protection

                   Firewall- Fortinet Operating System

                   Wireless control system

                    Attendance software

3. Application Development Softwares :

                   Turbo C




Wireless facility is available in the campus. There is seamless access to the internet anywhere in the campus. 45 CISCO Indoor access points and 10 CISCO Outdoor access points are used to cover the whole university. 

eCampus automates the day to day administrative processes and streamlines the flow of information which ensures smooth functioning of the activities. eCampus application is developed in  LAMPP(Linux, Apache, MYSQL, Perl and PHP) and implemented since 2012. Students module facilitates the students to know their attendance, marks secured, overall performance, fee details, etc. Staff module has provisions to mark attendance, to enter the marks, to update their individual profile. Several modules like Admission module, Exam module, Project module, Hostel Module also form the part of e-governance software.

The E-learning center: established in 2006 has been sanctioned Rs.32 lakhs by the UGC. The  e-content for 

35 subjects under different faculties is been developed by the eminent lecturers  of the university. The e-content is made available to students anytime, anywhere within the campus. Computer center hosts powerful Itanium servers, SAN storage to support the e-learning process

Infrastructure: The Women’s Studies Centre is currently equipped with four computers and one laptop with Wi-Fi connection.

Computer skills: All staff of WSC have good computer skills and familiarity with use of internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and all Microsoft software.

Facility for conference/video conferencing: The University is equipped with the “state of the art” Conference Hall which has the capacity to hold 150 participants and also video conferencing facility.

Audio-Visual facilities: There are adequate audio visual facilities to cater to the entire needs of the Department. Further there is an Audio Video Production Centre in the University established with the financial support of UGC.



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