Avinashilingam Institute works to bring small ideas into big results through its Innovation and Incubation Centre. The Innovation and Incubation Centre has a Vision to create start-ups from the Campus and forges towards Empowerment of Women through Entrepreneurship. The dreams of young minds are fine-tuned and moulded to make it into a reality.


Value addition through Entrepreneurial Skills for Self-development and Empowerment of Women.


Create a strong foundation to aspiring Women Entrepreneurs promoting business development in emerging areas and facilitate sustainable growth of prospective ventures.


  • Creating awareness
  • Fostering Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Capacity building
  • Idea generation & Product development
  • Infrastructural Support
  • Sources of Funding
  • Creation of new enterprises  

 The activities of the Centre - escalate the spirit of becoming an entrepreneur

  • Opportunities to display products in Exhibition
  • Access to Infrastructure
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Mentorship
  • Pitching Opportunities

  • Inspire to Aspire-Lecture Series
  • Networking
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps
  • Integrate with funding sources
  • Inspire to Aspire Lecture Series
  • Supportive Services

    Students getting trained in Avinashilingam Innovation and Incubation Centre

  • MoU's for Capacity Building
  • Thematic Workshops
  • Earn while you Learn
  • Encourage pipeline activities of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

  • Skill based Training
  • Beyond classroom sessions
  • In-house Idea Inventory
  • Customer and Market survey
  • Marketing of Products

    The Centre has high profile mentors who handhold the upcoming start-ups and transform them as high potential start-ups. The students are nurtured in the areas of Food Science, Textiles, Interior design and the Centre is keen to create an ecosystem to build successful companies of their own and enhance the growth of first generation entrepreneurs.






  • Ms. J. Radhika
    Queen Bee Crafts

Recent Invitees….
(Entrepreneurs/Start –ups/Experts)

Date Title of the Session Resource Person
24/09/2018 “DIC-A Great Support System” Mr Kannan
General Manager
Dt Industries Centre
24/09/2018 “Project Identification and Opportunity Guidance” Mr Ramesh
CEO & Managing Director
AES Technologies
24/09/2018 “MSME’S Schemes and Projects” Ms B.Kayalvizhi
Asst.Director- MSME
25/09/2018 “Business Going Viral” Ms Sridevi
Managing Director, Q3 Salon
26/09/2018 “Project Assessment and Evaluation” Dr.R.Ganesan
Founder Chairman & Managing Trustee
National Federation of Entrepreneurship Development
26/09/2018 “Entrepreneurship in Knowledge -Based Economy” Dr .S. Kumar Chandar
Associate Professor
Christ University
26/09/2018 “The Entrepreneur’s Road To Success” Mr Ashwin Kashyap
27/09/2018 “Great Challenges For Startepreneurs” Ms .Devika Ramesh
Former President- FICCI- FLO
28/09/2018 “SMEs Governance” Mr.M.Kandasamy
Former President -CODISSIA
09/01/2019 Panel Discussion “Navigating Success through Entrepreneurial Eco-System in India” Ms.Angie Lalla
Founder &CEO
Content Group (LLC) New York
Mr.Colin Raja
Founder & CEO
RIM Sports, Chennai
Dr.Ravinder Rena Professor
North West University Mafikeng, South Africa
Dr.SundeerKoushik, Chief Innovator & Co-founder, PRASU,
Board Member IEEE TEMS &Chair IEEE TEMS India & TEMS Bangalore
Dr. Grace K. Kazoba, Dean
Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences
The Institute of Finance Management, Tanzani
Mr.Rajkumar Chandrasekaran
Cholamandalam Investments
Murugappa Group, Chennai
Mr.R. Mahesh Kumar, Senior Business Analyst & Vice President
Private Wealth Management, Singapore
CEO, Boston Creative Company
20/09/2019 “Life is beautiful” Mrs.Deepa Mohanraj
Founder - Kaumaram Prasanthi Academy
20/09/2019 “Women in Business” Mrs. Reni Auxiliya
Co-founder - Momade cuisines and playworkz Coworking Space
20/09/2019 “Success Strategies” Mr.V. Chander
CADD Centre
20/09/2019 “Women Power Wins” Mrs.Radha Mohan Prasad, Managing Director
VGM Hospital, Coimbatore
14/10/2019 “Think and Ink” Mr.P.Jeganathan
Founder & Director
Energetic Event Management
15/10/2019 “Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs” Ms.Ranjana Singhal
Managing Partner
That’s’ y Food, On the Go and
Café Totaram
15/10/2019 “Business Opportunities – Digital Gateways” Mr.S.Raja Rajan
CEO, Boston Creative Company
15/10/2019 “Business skills for success in Business” Mr.Shivapirakasan
Peepal Prodigy School
15/10/2019 “Entrepreneurship–The way forward” Ms. Lalitha Gautum
Founder, Kovai Foodies &
Branch Manager- KVB
16/10/2019 “Writing A Business Plan-Do’s And Dont’s Ms.M.Aghila Devi
Founder, MIGAI Academy of Excellence
16/10/2019 "Social Media and Business Promotion” Ms.Priya Ramakrishnan
Managing Director
Corbel Soft Technologies
17/10/2019 “Design Thinking – Value Creation for Entrepreneurs” Mr.N.R.R.Vijayakumar
Founder Passion
The Startup Accelerator
17/10/2019 “Women in Business” Ms.Reni Auxiliya
Co-Founder-Momade Cuisines &
Play workz Co-working Space
18/10/2019 “Role of DIC in promoting Entrepreneurship” Mr.B. Karthigaivasan
General Manager
District Industries Center
18/10/2019 “Role of SIDBI in Project financing” Mr.L.Narayanan
21/10/2019 “Think innovatively, Drive Mindfully” Mr.Ashwin Kashyap
Proprietor, Bowchow
22/10/2019 “Effective Campus ecosystem” Mr.A.Ramesh
Program Associate- Sri Eshwar IGNITE Accelerator
Sri Eshwar College of Engineering
22/10/2019 “MSME’S Schemes And Projects” Ms B.Kayalvizhi
Assistant Director, MSME
22/10/2019 “Business in Digital Environment” Dr.T.Devi
Professor and Head
Department of Computer Applications
Bharathiar University
23/10/2019 “Social Entrepreneurship” Ms.B.Sruthi
BIRAC Social Innovator
23/10/2019 “NextGen Entrepreneurship” Mr.Sriram Prasad
CEO, Keeraikadai.com
23/10/2019 “Successful Journey of Startups” Ms.S.Samyuktha &
Ms.K. Niveda
24/10/2019 “Success and Failures in Business” Ms.B.Vidya
CEO, Bamboo Events


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Avinashilingam Innovation and Incubation Centre – Major Activities

S.no Date Nature of Programme Focus
1 12.09.2020 Joint programme with Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute, Govt. Of Tamilnadu, Chennai
Mrs. Rajalakshmi Sreenivasan,
Head, Product Development,
ZOHO Corporation,

To promote student innovators
No. of participants: 2174
2 18.09.2019 Signing of MoU with R.BCC Exports Private Ltd Incubation of start-ups
3 26.09.2019 Visit of Members from Sri Vishnu Educational Institutions,
  • Discussion on Exchange of expertise
  • Joint Incubation related activities
4 14.10.2019-25.10.2019 Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII)– DST-NIMAT Faculty Development Programme “Entrepreneurship: Pathfinder of National Development”
No. of Participants: 25
Amount Sanctioned: 2,50,000
5 09.12.2019-11.12.2019 16.12.2019-18.12.2019 Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII)– DST-NIMAT- Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp - Campus – I & Campus – II
Entrepreneurship Awareness – Campus I No. of Participants: 80 Entrepreneurship Awareness Campus II No. of Participants: 91 Amount Sanctioned: 40,000
6 17.09.2018- 29.09.2018 Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) – DST-NIMAT Faculty Development Programme “Entrepreneurship: Initiate and Ignite”
No. of Participants: 25
Amount Sanctioned: 2,50,000
7 21.02.2020 Series Lecture – “Inspire to Aspire”-1
Managing Director,
MadhampattyThangavelu Hospitality Private Limited, Coimbatore

Series Lecture – “Inspire to Aspire”-2
Queen Bee Dolls & Crafts Work Coimbatore

“My Success Journey” No. of Participants: 800 “Inspire young students to create own start-ups” No. of Participants: 200
8 01.10.2019-till date Earn while you Learn Skill Building and Part time Job offers/ Income Generation opportunities
9 28.11.2019 Future plans Proposal Meeting.
Members Invited:
Mr.Shyam Prasad
Founder, Twirl Tact,

Founder & CEO
Dhanvantri Biomedical Pvt.Ltd

Designing way forward
10 23.07.2019-21.03.2021 ICSSR sponsored research titled “Instituting Women Startups Promoting Incubators in Academic Institutions through leveraging CSR Contribution in selected Districts around Coimbatore”
Designing Strategies uplift women entrepreneurs
11 July 2019- Aug 2019 Orientation Programs – School wise Awareness about Incubation Centre Activities and motivate to become startups
12 - Innovation Voucher Programme of EDII Chennai – Awareness Program Business Plan proposals compiled
13 10.2.2021 Business Plan for Tamil Nadu Students Innovators (TNSI) -2020 Shortlisted for second level of Product Pitching
14 - Proposal Work of BioNEST- BIRAC Project completed by the Team constituted for the same -

Avinashilingam Innovation and Incubation Centre Business Plan for Tamil Nadu Students Innovators (TNSI) -2020 List of Students

S.no Team members with Topic Staff Mentor
  1. YuvaJanani.S
  2. Vhilashini. V
  3. Sneha.S
  4. Gayathri.B

Idea: Immuno Boosters and Modulators - A Low-Cost Remedy to Boost Immunity
Dr. A.Thirumani Devi,
Professor and Head,
Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition
Assistant Professor (SG),
Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition
  1. Anupama.K.S
  2. Srividya.S

Idea: Musamagica – Plantain Extract – Immune Booster
Dept. of Zoology
Dr.G. Maheswari
Asst.Professor (SS), Dept. of Zoology
  1. Sivadharsini.S
  2. Santhiya.A
  3. Keerthana.E
II M.Sc Textiles and Fashion Apparel

Idea: Development of Medicated Cotton mask with Vetiver and Basil leaves

Dept. of Textiles and Clothing
  1. SasiPreetha.S,
  2. Nivetha.C.
  3. NirraiYazhini.D
III B.Sc. Textiles and Apparel Designing

Idea: Coolant and Oil repellent Helmet liner with knit waste / natural fibres
Dr. G.Bagyalakshmi Dept. of Textiles and Clothing
  1. ShamiNgashangva
  2. Mathumathi .B
II M.Sc. Biotextiles

Idea: Anti odour finished kitchen Towels with selected fruit peels
Ms.K.Sangamithirai Dept. of Textiles and Clothing
  1. G.Nivetha
  2. G.S. Soundharyamahalakshi
II M.Sc. Comp.Sci

Idea: Detection and Mitigation of  Cross Site Scripting(XSS) Attack

Senior System Analyst Computer Centre

Team Selected for Final Presentation (10.2.2021)

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