Planning & Monitoring

The Planning Board of the Institute shall advise generally on the planning and development of the Institute and keep under review the standard of education and research in the Institute. The planning Board shall consist of the following members.

  • The Vice-Chancellor (Chair person)
  • Not more than four persons of high academic standing nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for such period as may be determined.
  • A nominee of the UGC.
  • Two representatives of the General Body of the Institute.
  • The Registrar - Non - member Secretary.

The planning Board shall advice the Syndicate and the Academic Council on any matter which pertains to the development of the Institute.

The Institute shall have faculties of Home Science, Sciences, Humanities, Business Administration, Community Education, Engineering and Education, and such other faculties as may be prescribed under the rules.Each faculty shall comprise such departments of teaching as may be prescribed by the rules. The constitution and functions of the faculties shall be as prescribed by the regulations. Faculties shall have power to:

  • Consider the report on any matter referred to it by the Syndicate and the Academic Council, or the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Give guidelines with regard to the courses of study and examinations prescribed by the Institute and to lay such regulations before the Academic Council.
  • Remit any matter to the Board of Studies within the purview of the faculty for consideration and report.
  • Consider any report or recommendation of any Board of Studies.
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