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    In this chasing world with lots of population, the Healthcare settings need more professionals with knowledge equal to Physician. Therefore the Physician Assistant profession emerged in Hospital settings to provide efficient treatment to all individual without hesitation. Physician assistants combine coursework and clinical experiences to provide a strong foundation of medical knowledge. A health science Physician Assistant can provide clinical medical services to patients under the supervision of a medical professionals.

    The curriculum includes examining and treating patients and interpret laboratory, x-rays and perform the diagnosis. As part of their comprehensive responsibilities, Physician Assistant's conduct physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, counsel on preventive health care, assist in surgery, and write prescriptions. Within the physician- Physician Assistant relationship, physician assistants exercise autonomy in medical decision-making and provide a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. A Physician Assistant's practice may also include education, research and administrative services.


    • To develop the B.Sc Physician Assistant program into a premier PA program
    • To rollout graduates who are compassionate and effective practitioners and become valuable members of the healthcare team.


    • The course aims to provide health related education and develop skills needed by individuals to serve effectively as mid-level practitioners with a special focus on meeting the needs of underserved populations.
    • Students would be trained to be assistant physicians and achieve professional standards through enhanced critical thinking and clinical skills.
    • The educational environment will stress on mutual respect, personal growth and seasoned professional skills.


    • 2007- Introduction of Bachelor's programme in Physician Assistant
    • 2017-Introduction of PG Diploma in Cardiac Care Technology


    • Develop knowledge, skills and attitudes required to provide patient care in a supervised and with a medical practitioner.
    • Study about the importance of Human health aspect and treatment.
    • Acquaint the students with all the fields of medicine and dealing with the diagnosis, interpretation and treatment.
    • Impart the knowledge of all the speciality areas in hospitals and community, to provide and apply an upto date knowledge of all the human life process including diseases.
    • Mobilize action programs such as Medical camps.
    • Develop entrepreneurial skills for self employment.
    • Produce able Physician assistants to perform in various speciality areas in hospital as well as community settings
  • Programmes Offered

    Programmes Offered
    • B.Sc.   Physician Assistant* (4 years programme)
    • PG.Dip.. : Cardiac Care Technology (from 2017-2018 onwards)


    • B.Sc.* : Science group
    • PG.Dip.. : B.Sc.(Nursing, Physiotheraphy, Occupational theraphy and other allied health Sciences

    * Self Supporting Programme

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    Name of the Faculty Designation Specialization Year of Joining Mail id
    Self Supporting Staff              
    Mrs.Uma Devi.A
    Assistant Professor(Temporary)
    Community Health 2017 [email protected]
    Assistant Professor(Temporary) Community Health 2016 [email protected]
    MPT(Master of Physiotheraphy)
    Assistant Professor(Temporary) Physiotheraphy in Neurology 2018 [email protected]
    Mrs. Ramya. P
    Assistant Professor(Temporary) Paediatric 2021 [email protected]
    Assistant Professor(Temporary) Paediatric 2021 [email protected]
    Assistant Professor(Temporary) Medical surgical nursing 2022 [email protected]
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