Remedial Coaching

Remedial Coaching is offered in our Institution to provide necessary academic support services for students to enhance the learning experiences and to impart essential skill needed to compete in the field of higher education. Orientation and guidance is given in order to enable the students to come up with flying colors in their academic pursuits. Students admitted across all discipline are provided an opportunity to enroll themselves in Remedial Coaching Classes which are offered beyond the regular working hours. Special attention is given to empower students from socially backward communities and students with learning disabilities.


The major objectives of providing Remedial Coaching are as follows:
  • To instill basic academic ad linguistic skill in students.
  • To assist the students in completing the academic pursuits including regular teaching-learning activities by conducting special classes, orientation programmes, skill training and psychological counselling.
  • To provide a platform to express their latent talents and to bring out the potential of students to make their academic pursuits as a successful one.

Strategies Adopted

  • Discipline specific special classes to impart basic knowledge in the discipline of study
  • Conduct of tests, revision classes and assisted teaching sessions.
  • Exercises to improve practical skills such as oral presentation, group discussion, problem solving and computing skills
  • Periodic revision and necessary follow up actions to ensure the effectiveness of special coaching
  • Dissemination of information regarding the employment opportunities available in various sectors.


The effectiveness of the remedial coaching classes are explicit from the following:

  • Active participation of students from all disciplines
  • Notable improvements in the academic performance of the beneficiaries
  • Improved attention and participation of students in regular teaching-learning activities.
  • Enhanced levels of confidence and proficiency are observed in the students upon successful completion of the coaching with explicit improvement in overall performance of the students.

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