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    The Department of Chemistry inducted in the year 1967 with inception of B.Sc.Degree programme has grown to become a PG department with M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes with quality chemistry education. The graduates are mentored to gain core knowledge and imbibe values and prerequisite skills needed to build their career and contribute to the community. Core knowledge in organic, inorganic, physical chemistry and applied chemistry areas is imparted to the graduate students. The undergraduate students take up ability enhancement and skill enhancement courses additionally. This enhances their employability prospects. The postgraduate students gain additional credits from the interdisciplinary, multi disciplinary and professional certification courses. These courses provide them multi domain knowledge and skill to enhance their research and collaborative spirit.


    • 1967-Inception of Bachelor's Degree Programme in Chemistry (B.Sc.Chemistry)
    • 1995-Introduction of Masters Degree Programme in Chemistry (M.Sc. Chemistry)
    • 1995-Registration for Ph.D Programme in Chemistry
    • 1997-Induction of M.Phil Programme in Chemistry


    The Department of Chemistry seeks to be recognized as one of the best centres of Chemical Education in South India and distinguish itself by its successful education of students in the chemical sciences. Strengthening of core areas of research and contribution to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research that addresses societal problems is envisioned


    The Department of Chemistry will serve to disseminate knowledge in Chemistry by educating students at the garduate and postgraduate levels. Learning, research and engaing with community will be the prime focus of action of the students.


    • To Maintain an outstanding undergraduate experience in chemistry education for both chemistry majors and students in courses for non-majors
    • Develop ICT facilities for educating students
    • Provide mentoring and support for young faculty and researchers
    • Create advanced facilities for research in the chemical sciences
    • Strenthen the lab to field/institution-industry connect through collaborative research
    • Sustain community engagement through national service scheme activities,community social service and carrying out projects with societal impact

    The Department of Chemistry also plays a prime role in providing foundation in Chemistry to students at Undergraduate level from the Department of Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Bio informatics, Department of Zoology, Department of Botany, Department of Physics, Department of Textiles and Clothing, Department of Food Science Nutrition and Department of Food Service Management and Dietetics.

    A team of well qualified faculty contributes dedicated efforts in mentoring the graduate and post graduate students of Chemistry. Faculty members sustain research in their areas of specialization and hold Life Membership in scientific bodies such as Indian Science Congress Association, Indian Council of Chemists, All India Scientific Tamil Congress, Society for Advancement of Electrochemical Science & Technology (SAEST), National Corrosion Council of India (NCCI), All India Committee for the Eradication of Illiteracy among Women, Indian Society for Technical Education, Society for Sciences and Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists.

    Thrust areas of research include

    • Corrosion Inhibition Studies - Natural and Ecofriendly corrosion inhibitors, Polymer Corrosin inhibitors,Organic Corrosion inhibitors
    • Phytochemistry, Medicinal Plant Studies
    • Organic Synthesis
    • Nanoparticle synthesis and applications
    • Cyclic voltammetric studies
    • Adsorption Studies
    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Ion selective electrodes Organometallic synthesis
    • Inorganic Complexes
    The department has produced 104 M.Phil's since 1997 and 39 Ph.D's from the date of first registration in 2004.

    Best Practices of the Department

    • Adopting ICT assisted teaching
    • Green Practices in the Labs
    • On the Job training opportunities facilitated for post graduate students
    • Mentoring Students in curricular co-curricular and extracurricular aspects
    • Providing information on recent research to students and scholars through invited lectures by eminent academicians and scientists

    The department also encourages community engagement and entrepreneurial activities. Corporate connect, lab to field studies and social service activities are part of routine in the department

    Contact mail id : [email protected]

  • Programmes Offered

    Programmes Offered
    • B.Sc. : Chemistry
    • M.Sc. : Chemistry
    • M.Phil : Chemistry
    • Ph.D : Chemistry


    • B.Sc. : Science (group I group or II group in Higher Secondary)
    • M.Sc. : B.Sc.Chemistry/Physics double Major or B.Sc.Chemistry
    • M.Phil. :M.Sc. Chemistry
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  • Facilities

    The Department of Chemistry houses 2 PG laboratories, 2 UG laboratories, one Research laboratory and One Instrumentation room with advanced equipments. The Department received financial assistance from DST under FIST (2010-2015) and set up a Computer Laboratory. A collection of more than 500 subject books is available in the departmental library.

    Equipments Available for Research

    • 3D Laser Profilometer
    • Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer
    • FTIR
    • Electrochemical Workstation
    • UV Visible spectrophotometer
    • Frequency Response Analyser
    • Pilot extraction unit (25 Kg Capacity)
    • Metallurgical Microscope with Digital Camera
    • Ultrasonic Homogeniser
    • Cyclograph
  • Staff Details
    Staff Photo Name of the Faculty Designation Specialization Year of Joining Email id
    Dr.(Mrs.) R.Rajalakshmi
    M.Sc., B.Ed, M.Phil., Ph.D.
    Professor Corrosion Science 1980 [email protected]
    [email protected],
    [email protected],
    [email protected]
    Dr.(Mrs.) N.Renugadevi
    M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
    Professor Environmental Chemistry 1980 [email protected]
    Dr.(Mrs.) Subhashini.K.Sripathi
    M.Sc., Ph.D
    Professor and HOD Organic chemistry and Phytochemistry 1993 [email protected] avinuty.ac.in,
    [email protected]
    Dr.(Mrs.) R.Saratha
    M.Sc., M.Ed, M.Phil., Ph.D
    Professor Corrosion - Inhibitors studies Environmental Chemistry 1996 [email protected],
    [email protected]
    Dr.(Mrs.) P.Lalitha
    M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
    Associate Professor Nanochemistry , Organic, Phytochemistry,
    1999 [email protected],
    [email protected]
    Dr.(Mrs.) M.Gowri
    M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
    Assistant Professor-SS Organometallic Chemistry 2006 [email protected]
    Dr.(Ms.) V.Sharulatha
    M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., NET
    Assistant Professor-SS Organic chemistry,
    DC Polarography.
    2007 [email protected]
    Dr.(Mrs.) A.Prithiba
    M.Sc, M.Phil
    Assistant Professor-SS Corrosion Science 2009 [email protected]
    Dr.(Mrs) M.Amutha Selvi
    M.Sc., Ph.D
    Assistant Professor Co-ordination Chemistry 2014 [email protected]
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