Yoga and Meditation


The purpose of education is not to create future citizens of a nation but to train the students physically and mentally and bring out their latent talent and help them to understand the wholeness of life.


  • To achieve peace, prosperity, health, happiness, harmony and wisdom
  • To be an innovative individual committed to excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer and to serve the social, cultural and spiritual needs of the world
  • To provide opportunities to women students alike and prepare them to be equal partners in physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects


  • To imbibe the values of practicing yoga for physical and mental harmony
  • To control and manage stress
  • To apply the principles of yoga for personality development
  • To invoke scientific attitude and team spirit to channelize the energies towards constructive endeavours ? To understand the impact of yoga on youth for their career development.


  • Instils the best practice of gaining control over the emotional wellbeing among the students
  • Improves concentration and focus on studies
  • Coordinates thoughts and actions
  • Aspires for a harmonious life filled with mental peace, health and hygiene
  • Demonstrates appreciable social, cultural and spiritual qualities


  • Mandatory yoga sessions for all the first year undergraduate students
  • Observance of International Day of Yoga
  • Competitions as part of yoga day celebrations
  • Organise meetings and seminars to enthuse students
  • Organise yoga classes in the village adopted by NSS volunteers