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Academic Excellence: Our Institution strives to meet the highest standard of excellence in virtual and ICT enabled teaching learning methodology, research, continuous in-house and outbound Faculty Improvement Programmes; ensures continuous engagement in the scholarly activities in the pursuit of leveraging innovation, creativity and excellence. Brings up to date changes in academic activity to implement systems and navigate the functions to inorder to meet the sustainable education standards and practices. Our research activities and outcomes continue to have global significance and meaningful impact.

Social Relevance and Women empowerment: Promotes National Integration among the students through implementing the policies by means of NCC, NSS, CSS, Yoga, Sports and encourage students to be participative in all intra and inter competitions and social awareness programmes. Imparts skill based education and learning in empowering women to venture into start up businesses, encourage women to hold leadership roles and facilitate in sourcing their dream career by extending relevant training and industry awareness programmes.

Accountability and Transparency: Issues in internal governance of the institution in terms of the processes connected with admissions, registration, examinations, evaluations, payment of fees and a host of other functions are addressed with close attention in ensuring quality and transparency. It promotes continuous improvement and take responsibility for professional growth and development of the students, staff and institute, by e-governance and digitalization where its use, make all the stake holders of the institute to work at ease.

Diversity & Inclusion: Upholds the highest ethical values, integrity and professionalism by fostering inclusive environment, where everyone can develop their full potential and contribute to the interest of the society as a whole and perform well in their careers. Ensures non discrimination and promotes inclusion in all levels of education.

Vitality of Culture and Values: Our Institution embraces cultural values across the institution and treat people with dignity and encourage feelings of importance in all. All festivals and its values are celebrated with all its pomp and glory. Traditional values and prayers are followed. Gandhian principles and Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts are shared and adopted.

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