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Department of Resource Management

A family is a social institution and the role of women in management of the resources is paramount. With the increasing trend witnessed in women employment and the inevitable decline in joint families, women are left in the crossroad without the conventional social support from other family members in tackling family resources. The oscillating socio-economic forces and the advancement in technology evident in all activities and in the society portray ample testimony to the emerging trends in family structure, gender specific roles, value priorities, living styles and work patterns. The scientific aspects of effective resource management have in their wake added significant inputs, highlighting them in terms of increasing value of human resources, limitations of non human resources and the piling up of civic, social and national responsibilities, over and above those of shouldering duties in the household front, especially on women with dual roles.


To enable students to emerge as empowered, self developed women in resource use, management and interior designing through value based, scientific and life skills oriented education and research prospects underlying the principle of charity begins at home for universal missions


Provide access to higher education and employment opportunities that enable students (women) to develop knowledge and skills necessary to improve their performance, pursue their professional goals, exercise leadership and render service to their communities and the nation at large by being creative and resourceful

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Teaching – Learning Experiences
Contemporary subject-oriented aspects incorporated in the fine tuning of the syllabi have rendered teaching – learning experiences, a mutually beneficial component for both the teachers and the taught.

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