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Department of Food Service Management and Dietetics

Food Service Management is the management of all establishments where food is served and extending hospitality to customers. Dietetics is the science and art of human nutritional care during health and diseases.

The department of Food Service Management and Dietetics from its inception in 1975, offers courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels including a post graduate diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics. Since 1981, the department is offering programmes in M.Phil and Ph.D in Food Service Management and Dietetics. The UGC sponsored first degree vocational course in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and Catering Management was offered from 1994 till 2004. The nomenclature of the undergraduate course Food Service Management and Dietetics was changed to Hospitality Management and Dietetics in 2007 and then to Catering Science and Dietetics in 2010. Since 2014 the department has again renamed the undergraduate programme as Food Service Management and Dietetics

  • To enable students to interpret and apply concept of Food Service Management and Dietetics in professional field
  • To integrate knowledge and skills to improve the health of individuals with medical conditions
  • To demonstrate management skills and computational strategies in Food Services and Dietetics emphasizing Information Technology
  • Incorporating cutting edge research information with the fundamental knowledge and skills
Special Features

Indian Dietetic Association (IDA)- Coimbatore chapter

Indian Dietetic Association Coimbatore Chapter was incepted in the year 1978 by the Doyen of Nutrition Padmashri Dr. Rajammal P. Devadas. This vibrant chapter serves as a knowledge sharing platform to connect professionals across the nation. With a total of 763 Life Members comprising of practicing dietitians, academicians, free lancers and students, the chapter organizes meetings, workshops, training programmes and scientific conferences / seminars at periodic intervals. It also conducts awareness programmes to promote healthy eating habits to foster a healthy society

Diet Clinic

Diet Clinic is the highlight of the department of Food Service Management and Dietetics. Diet counselling for various disease management and general health is imparted by the faculty and students of Food Service Management and Dietetics to the university and also the general public. Online Counselling and special counselling through Registered Dietitians is conducted frequently.

Diet Clinic is located in the Home Science block near Quantity Foods Lab Room No. 226.

Ready to Eat Millet Flakes Production Unit

The Millet Flakes Production Unit developed as a part of DST funded project is taken care by the department of Food Service Management and Dietetics with the goal to create awareness of the Millet Flakes and also promote its nutritional quality to the students, faculty and community at large.

Millet flakes production unit functions on everyday basis where the products are put for sales at the university and also available to the public.
We impart entrepreneurial skills for all students of the department and conduct workshops and training programmes. Millet flakes based recipes were also developed.

  • The department has completed eight major research projects funded by UGC, DST, ICMR, Heinz Canada and has one ongoing project.
  • The department has completed eight minor research projects and has two ongoing projects.
  • Financial assistance for research projects was received by nine students.
  • The department
  • Imparts knowledge and skill through innovative teaching learning programmes and research.
  • Undertakes need based researches in the field of therapeutic nutrition, nutraceuticals, food preservation and processing, value addition and management of food service.
  • Disseminates research findings to the community at grass root level.
  • Provides consultancy services and knowledge partners with hospitals and food service institutions.
  • Develops value added nutraceutical products.
  • Develops software on therapeutic diets.
  • Fosters society oriented health care and diet counselling
Contribution of Department to Community
  • Training agriculturists on fruit and vegetables processing techniques.
  • Counselling the community on good health and Gandhian diet.
  • Nutrition education programme for Irula tribes at Neelampatty.
  • Therapeutic nutrition counselling for the public and differently abled children.
  • Capacity building of women entrepreneurs in food processing with special reference to Tomato , Amla and Guava.
  • Orientation and training programme for anganwadi workers on healthy living.
  • Nutrition education through community nutrition camp
Outreachof Our Research
  • Anaemia: Dietary interventions were given to13,500 women and adolescent girls from various parts of the state through supplementary and value added products.
  • Osteoporosis: Screening was done and dietary guidelines were given for 1,200 women by conducting bone density tests.
  • Obesity: Identification and management of obesity was carried out among 16,800 school children and young adults. ICT enabled nutrition education and individual diet counselling was given.
  • Cardiovascular: Assessment of risk for cardiovascular diseases for 3,000 women and 1,500 men was studied through Cardiovascular Risk Index developed by the department.
  • Diabetes: Therapeutic management of diabetes mellitus was done for 17,000 newly detected and known diabetic population in and around Coimbatore district. Identification of pre-diabetes among college students and young adults was also done.
  • Renal diseases: Dietary management for renal diseases was done for 3000 patients with Acute and Chronic Renal Failure.
  • Cancer: Cancer screening and nutrition education for cancer patients was carried out for 3,750 cancer patients.
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