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Department Of Music

Music is the most natural of all arts .The mind is musical by nature. Music is a language by itself and is capable of expressing subtle thoughts and refined ideas. Music develops the intelligence imagination and the creative faculties. Music develops the powers of balanced thinking.

Music is both an art (kala) and a science (sastra). Its study and practice Result in the development of the intelligence and the soul. In addition it is a vidya and helps one to realize the supreme within him.

Genesis of the Department
  • 1957 -Introduction of Bachelor’s Degree in Music
  • 2004 - Introduction of Master’s Degree in Music
  • 2011- Introduction of Research Programme

The objectives of the department are:

  • Inculcating the knowledge of music among the students.
  • Attain thorough knowledge in Music and become entrepreneur and performing artist
  • Providing skill training to use veena and other instruments.
  • Exposing the students to perform individually with confidence.
  • Equip knowledge about the prominent musicians, composers and their contributions towards
  • Carnatic Music
Thrust Area of Research
  • Indian Culture and Music
  • Music Literature
  • Raga and Rasa
  • Music Therapy
  • Time Theory of Ragas
  • Music Notation Teaching
  • Music and Mathematics
  • Musical Ethics
  • Applied Music
  • Laya Aspects
  • Musical Aesthetics
  • Ethnomusicology
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