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Food science and Nutrition
Food science and Nutrition
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Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Food Science and Nutrition includes the components of foods, their chemistry and technologies involved in processing and preservation, food safety and human nutrition for overall health and well being of the community. The department of Food Science and Nutrition has taken up the challenge of ensuring “HEALTH FOR ALL” since its inception and has built its programmes oriented towards excellence and community development to mould the future teachers, nutritionists, administrators, research workers and home makers into nutrition and health conscious citizens.

  • 1958 - Inclusion of Foods and Nutrition as an integral part of Bachelor's degree in Home Science
  • 1961- Introduction of Master's programme in Foods and Nutrition
  • 1966- Recognition for the Ph.D programme
  • 1976- Introduction of Master of Philosophy programme
  • 1988- Nomenclature changed to Food Science and Nutrition and introduction of double major combinations
  • 1994- Introduction of the B.Sc vocational course in Food Quality Control
  • 2008-Single Major - Food Nutrition and Diet Therapy
  • 2015 onwards - Food Science and Nutrition
  • 2019 onwards – PG Diploma in Public Health Nutrition
  • Produce able teachers, administrators and entrepreneurs
  • Conscientise the community on food, nutrition and health.
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills for self employment
  • Function as centre for advanced research
  • Offer expertise to functionaries at all levels
  • Develop and disseminate nutrition education materials
  • Evolve technologies for improving the food , nutrition and health scenario of the community.
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